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“And I Made Him Watch…” beckons you into a dimly lit, damp room with a moldy couch, to delve deep into the realm of B-movie horrors. Hosted by Dani Page and Troy Allen, we traverse the eerie landscapes of forgotten films, unraveling their sinister secrets. From cursed reels to spectral directors, our podcast delves into the abyss, where every flicker of the projector casts shadows on the walls of your mind. Tune in, dear listener, as we explore the macabre, the uncanny, and the inexplicable. 

And remember, our podcast is like a cryptic crossword puzzle: half the clues are missing, and the other half are just bad puns. So grab your popcorn, sharpen your wit, and prepare for a cinematic séance that’ll leave you questioning reality and wondering if the popcorn butter is cursed.

Dani Page

Dani is the host and creator of AIMHW. Former ghost hunter (please ask) and connoisseur of all things weird. Growing up in southeast Georgia, Dani was always intrigued by the spooky and macabre. She spends most of her time writing, drawing, and watching movies, and playing Baldur's Gate 3. Likes ketchup and mayo. While not proven yet, may actually be Rosemary's Baby. Sucker for all things mythical, anime, and anything mischievous.

Dani Page, Co-host, And I Made Him Watch
Troy Allen, Co-host, And I Made Him Watch

Troy Allen

Troy is the co-host, sound editor and producer of AIMHW. He's from southeast Georgia and spends most of his free time playing video games, flying his drone or going down a rabbit hole about history. Slightly Facebook and TikTok obsessed. Blames all his quirky traits on his autism, doesn’t like ketchup or mayo. He has a background in aircraft mechanics, is a veteran of the Airforce and has a bachelor's in digital cinematography. Star Wars geek.

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